When Your Entire Bathroom Is Removed

Can you imagine what your old bathroom would look like once it’s been completely empty, every last fixture and fitting removed, from the round lamp in the ceiling right down to the gray and faded bath. It looks like an empty shell. And there is a whole lot of mess, lots of broken debris and dust, chipped pieces of old bricks and maybe even some shards of glass from the old medicine cabinet that just had to come out.

Have a look and see. It is after all your own home, so you shouldn’t have to ask permission from your old bathroom removal charlotte contractor. And of course, you would want to be careful and not get in his men’s way. They are still at it. They’re still busy, chipping away at the last remaining tiles, some of them already chipped from years of wear and tear and maybe some accidental abuse. You stand in what used to be the doorway.

old bathroom removal charlotte

Just so. It looks like a demolition derby. What a disaster! Don’t go there, you say to yourself. But there’s that question that’s been sitting at the top of your head. And so it goes at it inevitably pops through your lips, almost as in a whisper. But through the noise of mopping up for the night, he heard you right enough. Well now. It’s simple really. We come back tomorrow and finish where we left off. And then after another day, to let the dust settle and all, we start building.

Building your stunning new bathroom! That’s what they will be doing. Your old bathroom will be nothing but a memory. Or maybe it will be quickly forgotten once you’ve steeped yourself in bubbles, surrounded by nothing but splendor and luxury.