Fun Facts About Epoxy

Sure, you know what epoxy is, but you probably know little more than its intended purpose. Don’t feel alone, since this isn’t exactly a topic that you normally talk about with friends over coffee. Even still, if you are considering coating your flooring with epoxy, learning a bit of insider information is nice. It not only gives you added assurance in your decision, but the insight that may very well save money, time and headaches. Without further delay, there are a few important facts about epoxy that you should know.

Epoxy is used on many different flooring materials. It is a protective coating with a myriad of benefits to the flooring. Those benefits include:

·    Added aesthetic appeal

·    Reduced damage

·    Sleek style

·    Longevity

·    Reduced wear and tear

·    Protect your investment

Most people add epoxy to their concrete floor. It can be done as a DIY job or with professional installation. And, there are several types of great epoxy floor products to pick from.

Need more fun facts? Epoxy works great in high traffic areas. It is commonly used in commercial settings and in garages, but is used when homeowners have added concrete to their interior home as well. It holds a lot of weight, depending on the type of epoxy, as a bonus.

Epoxy is made from resin and other compounds. It can be made with a variety of finishes, depending on your budget and needs. It is easy to create a dramatic effect in any room with the simple help of epoxy!

epoxy floor products

How much should you anticipate spending for epoxy installation? Many factors impact the costs. Request estimates and learn how much the average rates are and ensure that you compare the companies offering products. Getting the best prices is simple with a bit of research.