Electricity Usage For Commercial Or Residential Purposes

When looking at power not all power is considered equal.  In fact, when we use power there are two different sides to consider.  The first is the commercial side of things such as businesses and large industrial buildings and the other is residential which is homes and small offices.  For the majority of us Residential electrical services Fort Smith are the services that we will need the most.

Power consumption

For commercial services the power consumption will be much greater than for residential.  In commercial buildings and industries you are running large pieces of equipment, heating and cooling units and running lighting.  In many warehouses you can be running electricity twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. 

Outlets and connections

In a residential space you will have specific areas where you can run electrical outlets and be regulated as to what items can be placed into those outlets.  When in the kitchen or bathroom you will have a GFI outlet that has a breaker on it that will trip if too much power is run through it. 

Residential electrical services Fort Smith

On the commercial side of things we have large breakers and gauges that help to monitor and regulate power.  If we have a surge in a commercial setting power is blocked in many different ways in order to protect vital equipment that could easily be destroyed costing the business thousands if not millions of dollars to fix.


When running power either commercially or residentially you will need to know the occupancy laws as well.  In many cases if you don’t have running water or power then you won’t be able to use the facility since they say it is unsafe or unsanitary to do so.  There are a lot of different laws, rules and regulations when it comes to commercial or residential services.  Make sure you are aware of them so that no issues arise later on.