Bail Bond Options Offered

There is at least half a dozen more that could be given due consideration. But let this short article on the bailbonds Ventura process briefly consider just two for now. This short article has what is known as the secured or property bond in mind. It also takes into account what specialist companies like Ventura County Bail Bonds might refer to as a straightforward surety bond. How would these work?

The secured or property bond is given to the court as a form of security interest in property that would have been equal to the final amount set at the bail hearing. The security interest given gives a legal right to take over a declared piece of property after permission has been given by the property owner to the secured party. The property owner and the lender have also agreed that in the event that there is a failure to pay the agreed upon loan, the lender would then be in a position to legally take over that property.

This of course does place some added pressure on the arrestee, so it is up the bail bond officer to correctly guide him or her so that he or she is not duped into signing over something that he or she would be in no position to meet. One way or another, the arrestee knows full well the consequences of not meeting the agreed upon arrangements. He or she also needs to weigh up the consequences of remaining incarcerated.

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The surety bond is very much the bail bond that the bail bond officer issues on behalf of the arrestee around the time of his or her arraignment. It is usually an amicable arrangement which the arrestee should be in a position to settle.