Internet may be the main channel from the Beijing Car Show

The report implies that 65. 5 percent from the respondents tend to be most worried about the car show, automobile safety technologies, technology with regard to hybrid as well as auto gearbox, the respondents worried about the ultra-half.

In the report, the web is the customer understanding from the main channel from the Beijing Car Show. Based on the survey data from the car in your own home, 68 % of customers via the web to pay attention to Beijing Car Show, twenty two. 6 % of participants said that to comprehend the appropriate information with the mobile Web. It is actually noteworthy how the highest towards the interest from the auto display crowd “80” team, super Bacheng “80” the actual respondents said how the auto show is a great opportunity to pay attention to understanding associated with automotive info.

Each car show “luxury vehicles and stunning car models happens to be the most prone to attract the attention, but the vehicle home study found which, Overall, ─▒ndividuals are more worried about the real automotive customer information, for reference to the present or long term car. Included in this, 80% from the “70” visit auto display main objective is “to realize their issues or the brand new car marketplace, ” the actual crowd to determine the stunning car versions, the greatest proportion associated with “80”, as much as about 23%.

The report implies that 63. 5 percent from the respondents tend to be most worried about the car show, automobile safety technologies, technology with regard to hybrid as well as auto gearbox, the respondents worried about the ultra-half.

The statement also implies that the cost-effective, great fuel economic climate, the three aspects of the safe may be the concern associated with consumers. It’s noteworthy which consumers VEHICLE level versions favor, and also the degree associated with concern for that SUV along with increasing grow older and enhance, “70” SUV-level types of attention. Vehicle home, “70” consumer range of vehicles will the household factors since the focus with regard to consideration, the VEHICLE level models simply to meet their own space requirements.

In add-on, models through most customer concern, respondents election to elect the most popular models TOP10, BMW brand new generation 3 Sequence, the brand new Focus as well as Audi Q3, typically the most popular models, the breakdown from the popular The entire list from the top 3 list within the SUV take up half chairs, the target audience SUV anticipation higher.

The survey implies that consumers worried about the Beijing car show month-to-month family income in excess of 8000 yuan, sales for 53%. Additionally, the vehicle home previously released it’s annual study data display that 81% from the respondents from the user plans to purchase 18 zillion or much less priced versions, Chao Liu Cheng vehicle consumers intend to purchase within twelve months, nearly Jiucheng not really buy vehicles consumers intend to purchase within 24 months. Consumers be prepared to buy the vehicle category, 42 % of customers will choose their very own brands, 52 % of customers will select a joint-venture manufacturers, a fairly small reveal of brought in brands associated with pre-order. These information show that about the one hands, in modern times with the actual continuous improvement from the economic degree, the vehicles will enter a increasingly more families. However, the eighteen million vehicle market will stay for a while to arrived at constitute China’s car consumption market cannot be ignored.

It’s worth noting how the large customers to pre-order the actual difference from the TOP10 checklist auto display popular TOP10 checklist. Beijing car show vehicle brand recognition TOP5 with regard to Audi, Volkswagen, Primary products: vehicle dvd participant and vehicle dvd, are with top quality. BMW, Kia and Mercedes-Benz, the actual German manufacturers popular benefit is much more prominent. Vehicle pre-order intention from the results from the registered users in the car house, independent manufacturers the TOP5 the general public, the Excellent Wall, Chery, Chevrolet, as well as BYD, futures purpose to take up two seatsFree Content articles, unlike the actual auto display popularity checklist to high-end manufacturer one-sided.